CYME Collection

Our CYME collection explores the delicate silhouette found in the sprout head of the plant stem. Extracting its beauty of the fold, the swelling of the sprout and the curvature from its growth, this timeless and elegantly natural style is designed to integrate into anyone’s style and to fit any occasion, wear alone for a simple statement, or layered with other pieces to add a new expressive signature to your personality.

Abstracting this graceful geometry and its surface subtleties, OHLINA presents a collection of fine jewellery with elegant proportions that you’ll keep in constant rotation — or perhaps just never taken off. 

All our jewellery is handmade with the combined efforts of traditional and digital techniques with a "made for you" approach to present sculptural pieces as an extension of your personality to share with the world. All our jewellery is made from ethically sourced precious metals and safe for all skin types.