LEARN — 3D Printing Series Part III — WHY

Why do we use 3D Printing? 

As part of our WHAT, WHY and HOW series — today is the WHY?

Why do we use 3D Printing technology as part of our process?

3D Printing has allowed us to become innovative and self-represented with our vision — pushing and testing the boundaries of design, by combining the flexibility of digital design and the precision of 3D Printing altogether. But there is more to it than just being a “technology” that everyone is accustomed to.

At OHLINA, we take 3D Printing as a vehicle for creative liberation in the art form and celebrate beauty through digital design – in fact, we live and breathe for sculptural beauty with digital fabrication. 

We do not believe that everything should be 3D Printed for the sake of it being “Cool & 3D Printed” as crude that may sound. OHLINA believes in the aesthetics, the thinking, the experimentation in digital fabrication and to use 3D Printing as a medium to advance for beauty, expression, representation and experimentation.

As Zaha Hadid, a renowned female British architect and the leader of digital methods once said: “you think you’re going to find out one thing, but you actually discover something else.” And that is what makes experimental design exciting!

During my two years as a Masters student in Architecture at one of the world’s most prestigious Architecture schools - the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, I spent the majority of my time chasing after beauty with computational methods from 3D modelling, coding to CNC and 3D Printing. I was fascinated by 3D Printing and the boundaries I could push, explore and experiment — it was a very freeing experience.

I'm a designer who is obsessed with self-expression, representation through aesthetics and beauty in art. I always found myself analysing the object scale — downscaling the building scale into the jewellery scale — the scale shrunk to this essence that holds a lot of soul in its condensed form, where you can feel and hear it call to you. 

To me, our jewellery isn’t just “3D Printed” – they are statement pieces that are vocal, expressive and speaks out as an alter ego. They bring a certain individuality and persona for the wearer — they are a token of self-expressed personality for you to share with the world.

Here are two pieces that I made using direct and indirect 3D Printing during my time as a Masters student in Architecture – whilst obsessively chasing for beauty on all levels from geometry to materiality: 

3D Printing by Selina Yau — OHLINA | Contemporary 3D Printed Jewellery

Top image: The Petaloic Gerdanlik (2015/16) — Bottom image: The Gajra of Celestial Petaling (2014/15)

The craftsmanship that goes into digitally crafting a piece before it gets “printed” should be given the majority of its honour and recognised as “the piece” of sculptural beauty in its artistic value in form and craftsmanship that is made to last.

We are the digital artisans of sculptural beauty — We love what we do and how we can transform the beauty condition from nature into wearable sculptures for the contemporary curious. 

And that is the end to our series of LEARN — I hope you feel closer to us as we really believe in transparency and creative liberation through our art. I hope to see you again soon and thanks for all the support so far!

—  Selina Yau, Founder & Creative Director of OHLINA

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