Our Studio Launch

OHLINA Branding and Calla Swing Pendants | OHLINA — Contemporary 3D Printed Jewellery

Exciting News! We are so happy to announce the opening of our contemporary 3D-printed jewellery design studio! Established by British designer and architect Selina Yau - we are digital artisans of the sculptural destination from London.

We are obsessed with finding beauty from floral and botanical silhouettes, and digitally handcrafting them into sculptural and sensual 3D-printed wearables for the contemporary curious and the independent!

At the heart of our studio, we have a great desire to embrace the notion of beauty and express individuality through creativity and pushing the boundaries of design using technology. Our sculptural pieces are defined as a token of personality for you to share with the world.

Through everything we make, we hope to share the sculptural beauty of digitally handcrafted jewellery that is made to last and to honour the artistic value of beauty through its form and craftsmanship.

We strive to make beauty and design possible through technology; by combining the precision and flexibility of digital fabrication in advanced modelling and 3D-printing, with the tactility of finishing by hand. 

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