Hello, March!

White Calla Swing Earrings inspired by flower petals | OHLINA — Contemporary 3D Printed Jewellery

Calla Swing Earrings in Pure White — also, available in Velvet Black for dark sophisticated lovers.

You have arrived so soon; we didn't have time to put away those winter coats! We are busy working on a new collection that we didn't realise how fast time has flown - it's already spring - our favourite season of the year! 

At OHLINA, we are inspired by the silhouettes of nature and its sculptural quality - transcending them into wearables of voluminous, yet lightweight forms. Wouldn't it be wonderful to welcome all new beginnings to this season with some sensual and sculptural 3D printed jewellery inspired by flowers?! 

— Grab yourself a pair of petaloic earrings and express yourself into a happy March with your own style and voice! Stay inspired, everyone!

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